Going Global:
Studying China Law
is Key to Tapping this Emerging Market

By Chris Robertson, Majon International

Today, all eyes are on China in its emergence as the world's next potential superpower. With a population of 1.3 billion and a workforce that the U.S. State Department estimates at over 710 million, China's economy is burgeoning. The country's exports alone total over $760 billion, and range from electronics and apparel to furniture and medical equipment. With the country's GDP growing at around ten percent per year, it's no wonder that companies ranging from Google to Wal-Mart are trying to gain a foothold. After all, China is a country of consumers as well as of producers, and businesses around the world see China as a ripe market for goods and services.
The Global Market:

It's the shape of things to come.™

international_business_consultants.jpgEconomists have long predicted the coming together of world markets. With exponential advancements in technology, communication and the Internet, we see the shrinking world become a reality. And, because this globalization and integration of the world economy is increasingly imminent, it becomes imperative for businesses to begin to strategically position themselves in the new world market.

Have you thought of where your business
will be in the coming future?

Global Market Consulting® offers the tools you need to compete in the global economy. We start with a complete analysis of where your business is at today. Then we assist you in designing a comprehensive business plan to show you where your business needs to be to compete globally in the coming years.

Our consortium of Global Market Consultants® include: experts in outsourcing, operation efficiency, quality control, on time production and international finance and marketing.

Now is the time to look at your business as the doors open to the global world. Will your business have what it takes to compete in this new economy? Let Global Market Consulting® ensure your success.

After all, it's the shape of things to come.™

Global Market Consulting a comprehensive consortium of international business experts and professional consultants designed to help companies strategically position themselves for growth in the global economy.

Areas of expertise includes:

Business Analysis 
Business Planning
International Marketing   

Import/Export Regulations
Risk Management
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